Happy New Year, Tomsk! Happy New Year, TSU!
Students of the faculty of pre-university training celebrated New Year in the dance hall of the Culture Center of the TSU on December 23. The participants got acquainted with the Russian traditions of celebrating the New Year, and also demonstrated the artistic ability to perform well-known Russian  songs.
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Excursion to the Museum of University History
Excursion to the Museum of University History was held on December 11. The students got acquainted with the most interesting history of the creation and development of the first Imperial University beyond the Urals! The museum presents works and memorabilia of famous scholars;  original documents and photographs,   awards and gifts to the University.
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A new academic year started at the faculty
A new academic year began at the faculty of pre-university training on October 2.   More than 100 students decided to study Russian at Tomsk State University. The students gathered from different countries: China, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, India, Spain, Great Britain, Germany, Serbia, Iran, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Salvador, Yemen, etc. We wish you success!  
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The academic year has ended at the pre-courses department of TSU
The academic year has ended at the pre-courses department of TSU. More than 80 students from 17 countries have successfully mastered the training programme for admission to Russian universities and received certificates.  The diplomas delivery ceremony and concert programme were held on 29th June.
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Syllabus for an additional course of general development "Preparation for entering NR TSU by foreign citizens"
Syllabus for an additional course of general development
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The Novosibirsk Zoo
The Novosibirsk Zoo is a unique place where a huge number of different species of animals from all corners of the world live on one territory. The guys waited with trepidation for the trip excursion, where they saw rare Bengal tigers of white color, Humboldt penguins, monkeys, sloths and other animals. Of course, students from hot countries where the equatorial or subequatorial climate was difficult to surprise with wild animals, but they were delighted with the Amur tiger, brown bears, roe deer, wolves and foxes. On the day of the excursion the dream of many students came true - they saw a polar bear, after all, according to foreign students, to come to Russia and not to see a polar bear is a crime.
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Dear friends!  Every student has many stresses. Fatigue, lack of interest and the eternal wish to sleep are frequent companions of any student, especially during exams. Do you need a breath of fresh air and, probably, you want to use time profitably? You will have such an opportunity! Let yourself distract from everyday hustle!  THE STRESS RELIEF TRAINING WILL HELP YOU! New meetings, games and creative tasks are waiting for you. Moreover, you will be able to look into the depth of your mind and perhaps learn something new about yourself!  WHEN? April, 11, 2017. 6 p.m. WHERE? Dormitory “Parus”, 13th floor, studying room LANGUAGE: Russian, English (up to the participants)
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The exhibition "Portraits of the Romanov Imperial Family"
At the exhibition "Portraits of the Romanov Imperial Family" our students got acquainted with the original masterpieces of the museums of the city of Tomsk. Many representatives of the Romanov dynasty at different times were in Siberia and Tomsk. Three hundred odd years of rule of Russia the famous dynasty. The students looked at the portraits of Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, Alexander I, Nicholas II and other representatives of the dynasty. Great interest was caused by the history of Alexander I. There is a theory that in St. Petersburg the place of the last calm was found by Saint Theodore, whose name is associated with Alexander I.
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