Science can be funny!
 Science is not only useful, but also interesting. The master class at the Museum of the Beginning of Sciences "The Point of Gravitation" helped our students to understand this. Launch a space rocket, control a sailboat, look through walls, go through a three-dimensional labyrinth and create a real lightning - all in one place.
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Happy New Year, Tomsk! Happy New Year, TSU!
Students of the Pre-courses Department celebrated New Year in the dance hall of the Culture Center at TSU on December 23rd. The participants got acquainted with the Russian traditions of celebrating New Year, and also demonstrated the artistic ability to perform well-known Russian songs.
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Excursion to the Museum of University History
Excursion to the Museum of University’s History was held on December 11th. The students got acquainted with the interesting story of creation and development of the first Imperial University beyond the Urals! At the museum there are works and memorabilia of famous scholars; original documents and photographs,  awards and gifts to the University.
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A new academic year started at the faculty
A new academic year began at the faculty at the Pre-courses Department on October 2nd.   More than 100 students decided to study Russian language at Tomsk State University. The students came from different countries: China, Vietnam, Laos, Indonesia, India, Spain, Great Britain, Germany, Serbia, Iran, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Salvador, Yemen, etc. We wish you success!
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