The museums and faculties TSU

Choice of profession is an important and decisive in the life of every person being. Our students took this issue seriously. They visited all their faculties and institutes  TSU, met with the lecturer of faculty  and deans. In this academic year, most of the students showed a particular interest in technical studies. Perhaps their decision influenced interesting excursions on the Faculty of Radio Physics, Physics and Technology Faculty and the Faculty of Computer Science, where students  not only saw a computer with a powerful processor, research and development, advanced technology, but also able to take part in experiments.
     Among the distinguished humanitarian faculties is the Faculty of History, presented themselves at the Museum of Archaeology and Ethnography of the Siberian TSU. Meet students and teachers held in unusual and interesting surroundings of the museum, which caused the audience a healthy interest in the history of Siberia and Tomsk. The following items were Paleontology museums and Mineralogy TSU. Collection of ancient minerals and rocks, skeletons of mammoths and bison, rhinoceros - the representatives of the ancient fauna - all this has left a lasting impression on students.