How to pay

How to pay online for TSU education programs (instruction)


  1. Enter in the address bar:


  1. Choose the category «Education services» («Образовательные услуги»)

3. Enter receipt’s barcode in the first field. The code is on your receipt, which is sent to you with all other documents. Please, see the example of the receipt below.

4. Enter your name in Russian from your receipt in the second field (please, see below the example where in the receipt your name is stated)

 5. Click “Next”

6. Click “Next”

7. Next you will see a web-page of the acquirer bank. Enter there your credit card details and click "Pay" to finish your payment procedure.

During 2-3 business days we will see your payment. Then we will apply for your invitation letter.


How to translate web pages from Russian into English or other languages?!?


1) Click right mouse button in your Chrome browser blank space

2) Choose “Translate into…” option in the menu

3) Choose the language of translation