We are proud that you have chosen the Pre-Courses department of TSU!


To enter you need to do the following steps:


STEP 1 - Apply:

Required documents:

1. A copy of the passport;

2. A copy of the document on education (certificate or higher education, with an English translation);

3 Copies of documents (diplomas, certificates etc.) for winners of international and national competitions and olimpiads;

4.  High school students should provide a certificate of training in the senior class with estimates for the last six month.

5. fill in the form

The letter should be sent to the address:


STEP 2 - Sign the contract and prepay for training:

TSU will prepare and send you a contract by e-mail, a receipt and detailed instructions for prepayment.

Your task is to sign and send a scanned copy of the contract to

The  payment is necessary to make through site (see. How to pay tab).


STEP 3 - Invitation and visa

TSU will prepare the invitation and will send an e-mail instructions for obtaining a visa.



Admission of students is held twice a year:

1. Start the program - October 1, the reception of documents by 10 August.