Delivery of certificates
 The academic year completed at the pre-courses department of TSU. On June 14  the ceremonial presentation of certificates took place.  The faculty has trained more than 120 students from 27 countries this year. We congratulate students and teachers and wish you continued success!  
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Excursion to the Tomsk Planetarium
Excursion to the Tomsk Planetarium took place. Our students made a virtual journey in space and time and learned what happened at the origin of our Universe, how stars and planets were formed, what is the relationship between celestial catastrophes and the origin of life on Earth.
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Our students in the Museum of Slavic mythology
Master class on painting matryoshkas - a symbol of Russia, Russian samovar and delicious Ivan-tea in the Museum of Slavic mythology! The Museum is unique and doesn’t have any counterparts in the world. It’s collection consists of paintings by modern Russian artists, and these paintings are connected by a common subject – the ancient Slavs and their heroic past, Russian fairy tales and customs.
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New-year evening in Pre-courses department
 In the dance hall of the Center of Culture of TSU students of the Pre-courses department had celebrated New Year on 21th December. Participants has known about Russian traditions of a celebrating, get presents from Father Christmas and Snow Maiden Students were made by performances like Russian famous songs, dances and plays. 
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